Friday, February 12, 2010

How Can I Fix My Ripped Couch Cushion The Lining Under My Couch Cushions Is Ripped.?

The lining under my couch cushions is ripped.? - how can i fix my ripped couch cushion

Whenever I sit on the mattress to fall under the corner of the spring. I tried to use to tape, but no work is another way to solve this problem?


fluffern... said...

Back to the entertainment center Leave part of the support system and keeps the system of "technology" next ". But you are right, while wood was precious like plywood or particle board to be good. Cut to Get the total area under the pillow (s).

♫ Mad Luv ♫ said...

try to a plank of plywood or put under your pillow!

also work the back of an entertainment center should be a little flat!

little eagle said...

I would try a piece of cardboard, plastic, double or triple before I give any timber under my pillow .. You more than wood ... Wood was able to tear the structure of the fabric is torn places.once award no one else can do, unless you take out the furniture and can change. I asked my futon couch .. keep the mattress from slipping through the bars, great work!

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